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    Why do you need a Brand Strategy?

    Would you go hiking without a map? It’s the same concept with branding, with the destination being the checkout. Having a strong and cohesive branding strategy is the key to keeping and attracting customers. If you’re still not convinced, we have created a list of six reasons why you should have a strong branding strategy, and if you want to learn more about the concept of branding view our branding agency perth page for more reasons why.

    Business Branding

    Brand Awareness and Familiarity 

    Often consumers will revisit a product that has left a good impression, so it’s important that your branding is consistent as customers can’t consume a product they can’t find. Subway is a great example of brand awareness, as I always recognise a Subway shop when I see one, so I know where to go when I’m hungry at lunchtime.

    Informs Advertising 

    Having clear branding and goals makes the process of marketing your products easier, with greater results. Over time and with consistency, your branding can instil a distinct message to the consumer such as ‘prices are down’ at Coles.

    Creates Consumer Confidence and Trust

    Think of your branding as a person, with the logo acting as the ‘face’. Would you feel more comfortable buying from someone with a messy appearance or someone with a professional yet warm demeanour? Your business can make a good impression by having consistent, clean, yet captivating branding (e.g. colours, logo) that the audience will remember. Not only will the audience remember your business, but people love to share good experiences and impressions with their friends. Just make sure that your name is easy to remember and pronounce. 

    Justifies Price 

    Would you be willing to spend more money at Kmart or Myer? Kmart has branded itself as the price-conscious alternative to shops like Myer that sells trendy and often high-profile brands. People are often buying labels, it’s why Apple can charge 100’s of dollars for a phone. Businesses can charge more by branding themself as high quality and high fashion. The target market can also have an impact, with an older audience or women often being charged more.  

    Market Leverage and Consumer Loyalty 

    Masters attempted to compete with Bunnings but failed miserably, as Bunnings has the Australian consumers trust and therefore leverage in the homeware industry. On a smaller scale, you can secure yourself as your suburbs hot coffee shop, or the state leader through your branding. Having a strong foothold in an industry can also help to secure investment. 

    Inspire your Employees 

    People like to have a purpose. Employees working for a brand whose values are aligned with their own, will typically feel a greater sense of satisfaction, loyalty and productivity. It’s a win win for you and your employees. Employees are more likely to take pride in their work and share positive experiences with their communities. We hope that you are feeling ‘inspired’ to elevate your branding, and if you need help reevaluating your branding, the team at Bloom Digital is here to help! Follow us on social media or check out our other blogs for more marketing tips and tricks.

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