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    Using Emoji’s in your Marketing

    Emoji Marketing

    Did you know emoji are the first and only universal 🌎 language!? Emoji’s are increasingly ⬆️ being used as a form of communication, presenting businesses with a simple yet effective method of communicating with their audiences 👨‍👨‍👧‍👦 and creating fun and engaging content.

    Businesses 🏢 can use emoji’s to add character to their brand. We recommend that businesses spend time ⌚️ searching for Emoji’s that relate to their brand. At Bloom Digital we use the Hibiscus flower emoji 🌺 to represent our brand emoji’s can be used to prevent mundane tasks (i.e. emails) from being perceived as boring 😴 by optimising the click thru rate on emails with emoji’s included in the subject line. In fact, according to Campaign Monitor, using emoji’s in subject lines can increase open rates by 56%!

    Use emoji’s in your email marketing, social media, and other assets to create eye catching, easy to understand social media posts and advertisements to improve performance 📈. Einstein Marketer recommends using the clock emoji ⏰ to create a sense of urgency and the 🚀 to show a product taking off.

    Emoji’s are fun and offer endless ∞ marketing opportunities!

    ✅ Use the tick emoji in emails instead of bullet points.

    ✅ Add emojis (i.e. a happy face 😊) to automated bots to create character.

    ✅ Create a simple and time efficient rating system (i.e. 😊😨😡 ) using Emoji’s.

    You can find out more about using emoji’s in your marketing in this great article by Einsteen Marketer here!

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