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    Social Media Image Sizing Guide 2023

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    Social Media Image Sizing Guide 2023

    As social media becomes more prevalent than ever before, the landscape of all these different platforms seems ever-changing. When it comes to uploading images, finding the proper dimension sizes for all these platforms can become a surprisingly difficult task. To help with this, we’ve created a guide to help cover your bases for image sizing in 2023.

    Just as it was the general rule last year, a square 1:1 ratio, typically 1080×1080 pixels (px) will work the best across most platforms. This accounts for profile pictures and most posting formats.

    To make sure all your content is reaching your audience, it’s always best practice to leave a sufficient border around the edge of your image posts. This ensures that your audience will be able to see all the information contained inside of the image. Sufficient spacing for your content is especially important on platforms that tend to crop images to fit into a grid size, such as Instagram and Pinterest.

    Different devices will change how your images appear to users. It is important to consider these aspects, and make sure your content is as visible as possible to users. Unless you want to appeal to a specific device over another, it is best practice to make sure your content appears in the middle with sufficient spacing around it.

    Download our cheat sheet for 2023 social media posting dimensions, or book a one-on-one marketing coaching session to ensure that you’re maximising your business’s potential! We can also create your social media images for you and ensure the correct sizing is used across all platforms with our professional Perth graphic design services.

    Social Media Size Guide

    2023 Sizing Guide for Social Media (in pixels): Instagram: Profile Image: 320x320 Square Post: 1080x1080 Portrait Post: 1080x1350 Landscape Post: 1080x566 Story Post: 1080x1920 Reels: 1080x1920 Facebook: Profile image: 170x170 Feed Post: 1080x1350 Story Post: 1080x1920 Cover photo: 851x315 Event cover photo: 1200x628 Group cover photo: 1640x856 Twitter: Profile image: 400x400 Header image: 1500x500 Post: 1600x900 Card image: 800x320 Summary card image: 280x150 LinkedIn: Profile image: 400x400 Company Logo: 300x300 Cover photo: 1129x191 Banner: 1128x191 Post: 1200x628 Pinterest: Profile image: 165x165 Post: 1000x1500 Story pins: 1080x1920 Profile cover photo: 800x450 Youtube: Profile image: 800x800 Banner: 2048x1152 Video: 1280x720 Youtube shorts: 1080x1920 Tiktok: Profile image: 200x200 Video: 1080x1920 Portrait: 720x1280 Landscape: 1280x720 Square: 640x640

    Post originally published May 2022, updated February 2023.

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