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    Optimising YouTube Content

    YouTube SEO Tips 

    Optimising your YouTube content is easier than it sounds. Although the basis of the YouTube Algorithm revolves around ‘views’, it’s not all about ‘views’. It is more important to create an engaged audience who follow your content for the value it provides to them, therefore encouraging your ideal audience to follow you, as real, potential customers for your business are more important than views.

    Firstly, create a persona that represents your business, your brand and the overall vibe of your business. Ensure you add engaging thumbnails to your videos, which will entice viewers to click and view your videos. Also, optimise your content with keywords and links to your website and social media assets.

    Secondly, publish content such as industry hints and tips that will assist your target audience, rather than selling your services. Aim to create targeted content, based around what your brand is about and the content your followers will appreciate learning about your business.

    Thirdly, after uploading and optimising your video on YouTube, publish your videos on your website, then share to social media and your other assets, such as email marketing. You have spent the time creating your YouTube content, so make sure you repurpose your content across every media platform you manage.

    If you need assistance creating a content strategy for your business, get in touch with us to find out how our marketing mentoring and coaching sessions and managed services can help you.

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