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    Loomly Scheduling Platform Review

    We’ve recently switched from Hootsuite to Loomly, not only to test other platforms, but also because we have experienced many long term irritations with Hootsuite. We are now Loomly converts, as we are finding this platform to be very easy to use for our own social media marketing, as well as hearing fantastic feedback from our clients who we have assisted to migrate to this platform.

    Scheduling software, such as Loomly provide a great solution for businesses who struggle to post regularly and need to automate their posting process. Businesses or individuals can connect their social media networks to create, design and schedule posts in bulk. Our team at Bloom Digital love the user-friendly interface that Loomly provides, and decided to migrate our own social media scheduling to this software after researching many other options on the market. We have created a review to help you determine if Loomly is for you too!

    Loomly Pricing 

    The first base to cover is the Loomly pricing, with a range of plans available to suit any business size, with comparable pricing to other social sharing platforms. Below are the key details for the first three pricing models that would suit a small to medium-sized organisations.

    Please note: Loomly offer a 25% discount for annual payments. These prices are according to the Loomly website as at 17th August 2020.

    Loomly Base Plan

    $US34 paid monthly or $US300 paid annually for: 

    • 2 Users
    • 10 Social Accounts 
    • Unlimited Content 

    Loomly Standard Plan

    $US76 paid monthly or $US684 paid annually for: 

    • 6 Users
    • 20 Social Accounts 
    • Advanced Analytics 

    Loomly Advanced Plan

    $US159 paid monthly or $US1428 paid annually for:

    • 16 Users
    • 35 Social Accounts
    • Advanced Analytics
    • Custom Branding and Roles

    We have been using the Loomly Base Plan, which gives us access to all the features that we need. Learn more about Loomly Pricing. We are now upgrading to the Loomly Standard Plan, so that we can assess the Advanced Analytics feature. We will let you know what we think of this feature in future marketing tips articles.

    Loomly Social Media Networks 

    The good news is that Loomly connects to all the major social media networks including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google My Business, and even Tik Tok. The bad news is that to post on Instagram, Loomly requires the third-party source Zapier to automate the posting process. This setup is simple if you have experience with Zapier or similar software, but if not, you can follow this easy to follow Loomly setup guide. The major downside currently is that you can’t post multiple photos or videos on Instagram from Loomly, but you can manually post to Loomly via the mobile apps. We are hoping this will change in the near future. Loomly allows users to connect one Facebook group or page per calendar. Loomly does allow users to post onto Facebook and/or Instagram stories, but there are limited design features available, with the writing placed on a bulky white box. For the time being posting in Stories is best performed manually.

    Loomly Features we love!

    Loomly provides a range of great features we love including: 

    • Post ideas comprised of international and national days, and you can even add your own days. We love this feature and use it regularly!
    • The interactions feature allows you to view comments, mentions and tagged posts from social media, and you can assign a team member to respond. 
    • No photo, no problem (!) with the Unsplash and Giphy integration that allows you to easily upload a royalty-free post. 
    • The Loomly library provides a place for users to upload media, create templates, leave notes, and automatically saves the media from previous posts. 
    • In-built editing allows users to click on an uploaded post to transform (i.e. edit the dimensions), add filters, adjust the photos, and change the focus. 

    Loomly Review

    Loomly has an intuitive interface that includes different view options such as the calendar view that makes the site easy to interact with. The Loomly platform is also great for teams with different users, workflow options that include requiring approval and edit options, and cloud-based media library. Loomly is still a great option if you’re not a part of a team, with the option to change the workflow to remove the approval process. The Loomly platform is being regularly updated with new features and provides a list of podcasts run by experts, and a blog containing tips regarding brand success, and teamwork. The downside is that Loomly can become slow, especially after using it for an extended period of time. 

    Still not sure? Loomly offer a card-free 15-day trial, so you can try before you buy! If you need help setting up your new Loomly account, we’ve provided tips to help you in our How to use Loomly Scheduling Software marketing tip, or we can set it up for you!


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