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    Linktree: How To Add Multiple Links In Instagram Bio

    Links In Instagram Bio

    Unlike Facebook and other social media platforms, you cannot add an exernal link to Instagram posts, however, you can add one link to your bio. Businesses will usually add their website, but what if a business wants to direct users to different webpages, campaigns or collabs, such as a special, a blog post or a donate page? This conundrum is solved by using tools, such as Linktree. Linktree creates one link that leads to a dashboard of other links added by a user.

    How to set up Linktree

    Once you sign-up, you can start linking! You can set-up your Linktree by:
    Pressing the “Add New Link Button”.
    Adding the page URL with a name (e.g. Website Home Page, Instagram Page, Donate Page).
    Continuing to add your links which can be dragged to determine the order.
    You can change the appearance of your Linktree via the “Appearance” option located on the navigation bar. Add a profile picture (e.g. logo) and choose a theme that matches your branding.
    Once you’re happy with how your Linktree looks in the mobile preview (shown on the far right), copy the generated link located above the mobile preview.
    Add your link to Instagram and Facebook.
    Double-check that your links are working correctly. You can log into Linktree to turn on or off links using the slider at the top, or you can delete a link using the bin option below.

    Linktree Pricing

    So how much does this tool cost?

    The free version offers unlimited links and a QR code.
    The pro version (i.e. paid version) is $6USD per month and comes with more advanced features including customisation (e.g. backgrounds), social media icons, more advanced analytics and integrations.

    Although the pro version comes with extra features, the free version has full link functionality and is appropriate for many small to medium-sized businesses.

    We hope that you find this tool useful. For more helpful tips and tricks, ‘link’ with Bloom Digital on social media or contact us for further assistance.

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