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    LinkedIn Retargeting

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    Last month, we worked with Living Earth Projects to advertise the 2021 Hemp Symposium. One of the marketing strategies we utilised to create awareness of the event and increase ticket sales, was LinkedIn Retargeting. So, what is retargeting? Retargeting involves targeting users who have already interacted with a business. This usually means there is a higher chance of the user converting, as they have already taken the first step to investigate your brand, either by visiting your website, visiting your social media channels, or giving you their email address through forms. LinkedIn Retargeting is not as commonly discussed, but it should be! LinkedIn Retargeting campaigns allow businesses to improve awareness and create individualised messages. There are a range of different LinkedIn Retargeting options available to users.

    Types of LinkedIn Ads 

    The types of LinkedIn Ads are: 

    • Website audiences: Target users who have viewed a specific webpage. To utilise the tool, you’ll need to install a LinkedIn Insight Tag onto your website. 
    • Video audiences: Target users who have viewed your video ads, with the option to target based on a percentage of video watched (e.g 75% of video). 
    • Lead gen form audiences: Target users who have submitted a form in the past (i.e. 30 to 365 days). 
    • Company page audiences: Target users who have viewed your LinkedIn page and/or clicked a call-to-action button, with the option to choose how recently the interaction occurred (e.g. 30 to 365 days). 
    • Event audiences: Target users who have selected to attend an event including past and upcoming events. 
    • Matched Audiences: Target people you already know with website, contact, and account targeting.

    It’s important to note that LinkedIn retargeting campaigns require a minimum of 300 members. 

    LinkedIn Insight Tag

    How can you measure the success of your campaign? LinkedIn Insight Tags allow you to track website conversation from your ads. As mentioned above, the insight tags are required to set up website audiences. Once set up, not only will you be able to click and view conversions, but you’ll also have access to demographic insights including job titles, companies and industries. To install a tag, paste the tag code from Campaign Manager into your website’s global footer or use a tag manager such as Google. 

    LinkedIn retargeting is an underrated tool, especially for businesses that engage in B2B marketing! It can significantly improve awareness of a business and its products.


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