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    LinkedIn Company Page Updates 2023

    linkedin company page

    What is a LinkedIn Company Page?

    A LinkedIn company page is a business profile dedicated to highlighting your business versus a personal profile that highlights your personal skills. It’s a fantastic way to showcase your company, products, services, and culture to Linkedin’s professional network.

    Bottom line: A LinkedIn company page will let you build a powerful brand to reach new customers. In this post, we’ll explore the latest updates and how they can benefit your business. Let’s dive in!

    LinkedIn Company Page Updates Breakdown

    LinkedIn has introduced a range of new features to its company pages, providing businesses with powerful tools to enhance their presence and engage with their audience. From an improved user experience (UX) to better audience insights, these new features allow companies to take their LinkedIn strategy to the next level.

    Top LinkedIn Updates of 2023:

    1. Showcase Page Segmentation

    Have you heard about LinkedIn’s Showcase Pages? They let you create separate pages for different aspects of your business, like products or initiatives. And now, you can segment your audience on Showcase Pages too!

    This new feature lets you create up to 100 different segments depending on who your audience is. You can then target specific content to each group, ensuring your message is relevant and personalised. This segmentation can help improve your LinkedIn marketing efforts by better engaging your audience. You’ll likely see conversions and better ROI by tailoring your content to their interests. Give it a try!

    To create a Showcase Page on LinkedIn, go to your Business Page and click “Admin Tools.” From there, select “Create a Showcase Page” and enter the name and URL to finish creating your page.

    A screenshot of advertising service, Bloom Digital's LinkedIn page. On the right-hand side, the field for "Affiliated pages" is highlighted. Here, three LinkedIn Showcase pages (Branding Portfolio, SEO Portfolio, and Website Portfolio) are seen.

    2. Post Templates

    With LinkedIn’s Post Templates feature, businesses can easily add visual elements to their posts that match their branding. The launch of the new feature comes as LinkedIn says it’s seen a 20% increase year over year in users adding visual content to their posts.

    To access this feature, click ‘Use a Template’ when creating a post. The template function will allow you to choose from various text and background formatting options to match their needs.

    Three image screenshots of a mobile phone in the networking app LinkedIn. The first screenshot shows the "make a post" screen in LinkedIn for Bloom Digital's account. One of the options is "use a Template" (which is highlighted). The second screenshot is the automatically generated template with a yellow background and "What do you want to talk about?". There are several background template options. The third screenshot shows the final result of a Bloom Digital branded pink and purple abstract gradient graphic. On top is bold black sans serif text graphic reading, "New LinkedIn Company Page Updates". Social media marketing agency Perth.

    3. Company Commitments

    You can now highlight your businesses’ corporate social responsibility and company values with Company Commitments. These commitments are great opportunities to align your brand values with those of your employees, network and customers.

    According to LinkedIn, the following five values are the most important to job seekers. To enhance your brand, highlight your efforts to prioritise any of these areas:

    • Diversity, equity & inclusion
    • Career growth & learning
    • Work-life balance
    • Social impact
    • Environmental sustainability

    Once you’ve picked your commitments, they’ll appear on your Company Page’s About section. Under each selected value, you can add videos, articles, and certifications to prove your CSR.

    A desktop screenshot showing Bloom Digitals LinkedIn page optimised for SEO. In the image we see the company's commitment: work/life balance with a detailed description of the perks of working at bloom plus the featured benefits.

    4. Pinned Comments

    Pinned Comments are a great tool to engage with your audience by answering frequently asked questions or highlighting insightful comments. Businesses can now feature their favourite comments on a post by pinning them to the top of the comment section.

    Try clicking the three dots on the right side of a comment and selecting “Pin comment”. Only the original commenter or page administrator can pin comments.

    Three image screenshots of a mobile phone in LinkedIn's app. The first screenshot highlights the three dots next to a comment. The second screenshot shows the options that appear when clicking those three dots. One of them is "Pin Comment". The third screenshot shows the final result of the commed pinned at the top with a little "Pinned Comment' notation by LinkedIn. Social media marketing agency Perth.

    5. Fresh Newsletter Features

    Recently, LinkedIn launched their newsletter feature. After major success, the platform has introduced several new and exciting features to help you make the most of your company newsletter. These include:

    • One-click subscribe URL and an embeddable button
    • Ability to add a custom banner image to your newsletter
    • New metrics to track subscriber growth and engagement
    • Ability to schedule newsletters in advance for a specific date and time
    • Option to personalise the newsletter based on the recipient
    • Improved formatting options, including the ability to add headings, subheadings, and bullet points
    • Integration with third-party marketing automation tools like HubSpot and Marketo
    • Capability to edit newsletters after sending
    • New SEO feature to optimise newsletter content for search engines

    A desktop screenshot of LinkedIn's company page. Here, we see LinkedIn company's own newsletter and one of the new features, an instant "Subscribe" button. LinkedIn social media updates agency perth.

    6. SEO Titles & Descriptions

    LinkedIn’s new feature allows businesses to add search engine optimisation titles and descriptions to their articles, newsletters and company page. By customising these LinkedIn SEO features, you can optimise your page’s visibility in search engine results and improve organic traffic to improve your digital marketing strategy. Try it by clicking the “Edit” button on your article, page or newsletter and selecting the “SEO” tab.

    If this feels complicated, no need to stress! Just contact our team of SEO experts today, and we’ll take care of your digital marketing strategy.

    A desktop screenshot showing the SEO settings for Bloom Digital's blog post titled "New LinkedIn Company Page 2023 - Bloom Digital".

    7. Employee Notifications

    LinkedIn has introduced an employee notification feature to help you keep your employees informed about critical updates and announcements without using traditional messaging or emailing. This is an excellent strategy for teams who are working remotely. If you need to boost your business’s internal communication, give employee notifications a try.

    A desktop screenshot of a LinkedIn post from Bloom Digital, a social media agency in Perth. The post shows the new digital leed, Katrina. In the top right-hand corner there is a drop-down menu showing the option to "Notify Employees'

    8. Diversity Nudges

    LinkedIn’s Diversity Nudges are tools and strategies to help make your company’s job postings more inclusive and attract a more diverse pool of candidates. The nudges include avoiding gender bias, using inclusive language, and adding a call to action to encourage people from diverse backgrounds to apply. LinkedIn also provides data on the diversity of the applicant pool to help you track your company’s progress towards a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

    A desktop screenshot of LinkedIn Recruiting. It is a "Diversity Nudge" to increase the percentage of female candidates in this talent pool by adding several US locations for a diversity opportunity.

    9. Marketing Analytics Insights

    LinkedIn has recently introduced three new analytics metrics to provide better insights for LinkedIn marketing.

    • Follower growth over time: Available in the Audience tab, new data helps you track your follower growth over time with new data.
    • New Demographic Tools: The Demographics section summarises your follower base, including information on job titles, locations, industries, seniority, company size, and company names.
    • Top-performing posts: Visit the Posts tab to see the top three posts’ rankings based on impressions or interaction over a selected date range.

    These metrics can help you better understand your business’s audience and track content performance to develop successful digital marketing strategies. By leveraging these features, you can maximise your content, drive engagement, and increase sales on LinkedIn. Simply put, this data is a game-changer.


    Need more help with your digital marketing strategy?

    Now that you’re up to speed on the latest LinkedIn company updates, it’s time to put your knowledge into action! If you need help implementing an efficient social media strategy, Bloom Digital is here to help. Contact us today, and our team of Perth digital marketing experts will take your business to the next level.

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