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    How to Use Loomly Scheduling Software

    Do you use the social media scheduling tool Loomly? If you haven’t heard of Loomly, check out our  ‘Loomly Review marketing tip. Using a new tool can provide its challenges, so we have created an easy to follow ‘How to Use Loomly Scheduling Software’ marketing tip to help you.

    Loomly Calendars

    Calendars are the key to using Loomly!

    • You will need to set up a calendar in the process of creating your Loomly account, where you will add your social media networks. You can also press the green ‘create a calendar button’ to create a calendar on the homepage.
    • You have the ability to create multiple calendars (e.g. social media calendar, locations), which can be managed via a master calendar.
    • Calendars are handy when you need to link one Facebook group or page per calendar.
    • You can manage multiple social media accounts from the calendars.
    • Depending on your business needs and account subscription, you can add multiple users to create and/or approve posts.  

    Loomly Calendar Settings 

    You can make changes to your Loomly Calendar using the settings, which is located in the far right corner. In the settings tab:

    • The ‘Options’ tab allows users to change the main settings of the calendar including the name, industry, and time zone. 
    • The ‘Social Accounts’ tab allows users to connect/disconnect social media networks. 
    • The ‘Collaborator’ tab allows users to invite staff to collaborate, with the ‘Roles’ tab allowing users to create custom roles, but only with the Advanced Plan. You can also change the approval process in the ‘Workflow’ tab. 
    • The ‘Slots’ tab allows you to create default post times, so use analytics to determine the times your users are on social media. Loomly also provides suggestions for the best posting times per platform. We love this feature!
    • As mentioned below, Loomly provides post ideas. You can modify these post ideas by including Twitter trends and/or adding custom post ideas, such as events.

    Loomly Post View Options

    Now that your calendar is set up, there are three different ways that you can view your posts:  

    • Posts are placed in a calendar under the ‘calendar view’, where posts can be ‘dragged’ to a different day. When you create variations between different networks, you can view them by pressing the ‘Ungroup’ button. 
    • Posts are listed in the ‘List View’, where users can change the settings to have posts listing in descending or ascending date order. 
    • The ‘Post View’ provides a preview of the posts. 

    Interactions in Loomly

    The ‘Speech’ icons represent the ‘Interactions’ feature that lists the comments, messages, and tagging of your social network. You can reply through Loomly, and set tasks to users, who will receive an email notification. 

    Loomly Post Ideas 

    The ‘Lightbulb’ icon provides a list of celebratory day suggestions, plus any days that you have added (refer to calendar settings) as post inspiration. This is perhaps our favourite feature in Loomly!

    Library Feature in Loomly

    The ‘Book’ icon on the left of the navigation bar allows users to add photos, videos, notes, or create a template. Your past posts will be automatically uploaded to the library. 

    Building a Post in Loomly

    Create a post in Loomly by pressing the green ‘New Post’ button on the home page or in the calendar. You have the option to upload a photo or video from your computer, library, or Loomly offers free resources from Unsplash or Giphy. The ‘Hashtag’ icon allows you to manage and create hashtag collections. Edit the media by clicking on the uploaded posts, you will then have the option to transform (i.e. dimensions), add a filter, adjust the photo, change the focus, and add text. 

    We hope our ‘How to use Loomly Scheduling Software’ marketing tips have been helpful! Please feel free to get in touch with our team at Bloom Digital if you have any questions about Loomly, or need assistance with any other areas of your marketing! We are here to help you bloom!

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