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    Common Issues with Google Analytics 4 Migration & How to Fix Them

    If you have logged into Google Analytics (UA) in the last year, you might have noticed the warnings that the website visitor tracking app has been sunset and Google Analytics 4 is taking over. This is not a huge deal – UNLESS you haven’t set up GA4 correctly… DUN DUN DUNNN! 😱

    While Google will do its best to replicate your current settings in the new app, we have noticed that some things may be overlooked by Google’s all-seeing eye (i.e. conversion tracking, Audience links, data signals and data collection acknowledgements). Here are some common issues you might encounter when migrating to GA4 and how to fix them.

    Google Analytics (UA) has stopped collecting data

    Don’t panic! GA4 has already taken over the important job of tracking your visitors automatically. A new GA4 property has been established for you, and your Universal Analytics configurations have been copied to the new GA4 property (unless you opted out). Please remember that some custom tracking may not have been transferred because not all UA setups have a clear GA4 counterpart, and the automated process may not have made the same decisions as you would.

    We like to think of it as moving from an old house to a new house. Google has packed and moved your belongings for you, but some things might have been left behind or misplaced. It’s best to double-check that everything is in order and intact.

    How do I know if GA4 is set up correctly?

    When your Google Analytics 4 property is automatically generated, a blue informational banner will appear at the top of your Analytics account. To access the Admin portion of your new Google Analytics 4 property, click Open Setup Assistant. On your Google Analytics 4 property, the Setup Assistant walks you through the extra features and settings you may configure. 

    It’s just like getting a house tour from a friendly guide; they will show you around and help you set up the things you need.

    Why can’t I see all my data?

    When setting up a new Google Analytics 4 property, your Universal Analytics history data won’t be used to populate it. Your new GA4 property will start collecting data from July 1st onwards. For the next six months, you’ll still be able to view your historical data in UA, and it’s a good idea to download all of it so you can refer to it later on.

    Pretend as if you’re starting a new diary or journal. You can’t copy and paste your old entries into the new ones, but you can still keep them and look at them whenever you want. You can also start writing new entries in the new diary and see how they compare to the old ones.

    Why is my data missing in the new GA4 property?

    If you’re not seeing any data in your automatically generated GA4 property, it’s because your Universal Analytics property tag couldn’t be reused. This can happen if your tag is different from the Google Tag (gtm.js) or if your site has multiple tags. To fix this, you can either manually add the GA4 tag or use Google Tag Manager.

    It’s like changing the locks at your new house. You need to make sure that you have the right key to access it and that there are no duplicates or conflicts. You can either install the new lock yourself or hire a professional to do it for you (psst… that’s us!)

    Need a helping digital hand?

    Migrating to Google Analytics 4 can be a daunting task, it may help to go through this handy Google GA4 migration checklist.

    If you need any further digital marketing assistance, whether you’re encountering issues with data collection, configuration, or reporting – we’re here to help.

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