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    Google’s Mobile-First Indexing Update – Are You Ready?

    Google’s Mobile-First Indexing

    With the increase of people using their convenient and easy mobile devices to access the internet, Google will be updating their indexing to mobile-first indexing in March 2021. That means all websites that are not mobile optimised will be removed from Google’s indexing and ranking. Only the content that exists on the mobile version of a website will be indexed and ranked. Our SEO agency in Perth has provided the info you need to do to keep your SEO Perth business rankings on top.

    Optimise Your Website For Mobile

    Ensure your desktop website is fully mobile compatible with functional and responsive web design and user experience. This ensures users on any device, small or large, will always have an optimized experience. By having these properties on your website, your site’s performance should not be significantly affected. 

    Keep Your Content The Same On Desktop And Mobile

    Your mobile and desktop websites should have the exact same content! Keep your headings and body text consistent, for a smooth, optimised mobile version. This is the content that will be shown on Google so you don’t want to leave anything out!

    Ensure Your Mobile Website Can Be Crawled And Indexed

    You must let Google crawl your web pages in order to not be affected by the new update. This is done by ensuring you are not blocking the URL with the disallow directive. You will also need to use the same meta robot tags on both desktop and mobile websites. If this is not done, your website may not be crawled or indexed for mobile-first indexing.

    Optimise your Images, Videos and Graphics

    By optimizing the images, videos and graphics on your mobile website, you are allowing the experience to flow smoother while providing high-quality content and fast loading times. You should be using the same media as the ones used on your desktop website. Avoid leaving them at the bottom of the page so your users do not have to scroll to find them.  Don’t forget to go over this with your website developer so your website will be able to get through the new Google mobile-first indexing update in March 2021. For more news, helpful tips and tricks, subscribe to our e-newsletter or follow Bloom Digital on social media!

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