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    Google My Business Optimisation

    Google My Business (GMB) account optimisation often results in higher search rankings for businesses! If your company doesn’t have a GMB business, or you haven’t claimed your account, check out our ‘Setting Up Google My Business’ marketing tip. 

    Optimise your account by completing the following steps:

    Optimising GMB Business Information

    Ensure the business information listed on your GMB account such as your phone number, address and opening hours is consistent with your online presence (e.g. website, directories). A common mistake is abbreviating words such as ‘highway’ to ‘hwy’. You can avoid these simple errors by creating an information sheet that sets out the standard format for key business information.

    Products and Services

    As mentioned in our ‘Setting Up Google My Business’ marketing tip, it is essential that you include your products and/or services to rank for your desired keywords. Depending on your business category, you will have either a service tab and/ or products tab in your GMB listing. You can add a service by pressing the ‘add another service’ button, and include a keyword-rich description that entices customers. Press the ‘add product’ button to list your products, and be sure to include the product image, price, description, and a call to action button with a link to the product page on your website (e.g. order online, buy, learn more, get offer). 

    Google My Business Reviews 

    With your star rating clearly displayed under your business name, encouraging customers to write Google reviews can instil consumer confidence, whilst improving your search rankings. As long as reviews are obtained through ethical means, Google supports businesses asking customers for reviews, so no excuses! Another tip is to reply to Google reviews to show that your business is attentive to customers.  

    Google My Business Posting 

    Google My Business posting gives businesses the chance to promote themselves by advertising ‘events’, ‘offers’ and ‘what’s new’. You can add a post by heading to the ‘Posts’ tab on your GMB account, or you can post by using a scheduling software, such as Loomly. Ensure that your posts are less than 300 words, and include an image or video. You can encourage conversions by adding a call to action button (e.g. book, order online, buy, learn more) to your post with a link to your website. 

    Google My Business Photos

    It is important to note the distinction between posts and photos on GMB, with posts expiring after 7 days, and photos remaining on your listing. Add photos by heading to the ‘Photos’ tab, and then press the blue plus button to upload an image. You can add a category, such as ‘team’ to a post by pressing the information icon button on the top right corner. 

    Google Questions and Answers 

    Users are able to write public questions that your business is able to respond to using the Google Knowledge panel. Responding to questions to indicate that your business is responsive and attentive to customers. The questions can provide an insight into the common queries, questions and concerns of your customers. Since anyone can respond to questions, review responses for incorrect or inappropriate answers. To receive alerts when users ask questions, head to your account settings and make sure that you have turned on question and answers email notifications. 

    Google Messaging

    Similar to Instagram DMs and Facebook Messenger, Google has a messaging feature that allows users to contact you using your Google profile. You can set up Google messaging under the ‘Messaging’ tab, and you must download the messaging app to view messages and respond to customers. If you are replying to messages using your desktop, you must install the Google Messaging app. Be warned, Google may deactivate your messaging if you do not respond within 24 hours, so ensure that you turn on email notifications. 

    We hope this blog post helps! For more information about how to optimise your Google My Business or other marketing platforms, get in touch with us for a coaching session, and/or read our other marketing tips

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