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    Facebook Groups For Business

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    Facebook Groups

    Facebook groups are a powerful marketing tool for businesses! These groups (e.g. community groups and businesses groups) provide a space for users to discuss similar interests. The groups provide the opportunity for businesses to capitalise on recommendations and showcase their products, services and/or expertise. Discover four key ways that you can utilise Facebook Groups to reach customers.

    Group Questions

    Members within groups often ask for business and product recommendations. For example, a member could ask for a fitness instructor recommendation, or a parent might ask for a car seat recommendation. These users are potential clients you could attract via client referrals (i.e. a client recommends you), or you could advertise your services (i.e. showcase your work). Client referrals are particularly powerful because the potential customer will think, “if this customer had a good experience, so will I.”

    Showcasing Your Expertise

    Alternatively, potential clients might ask for advice around a product or service, instead of a specific business. For example, a member might ask for legal advice. These situations allow you to show off your expertise in your response, where you could discretely offer your services or products. By showing that you’re knowledgeable, you build trust with the potential customer. Another advantage is that other potential customer/s many read the response.

    Businesses can also showcase their expertise by creating educational posts within groups. For example, a Nutritionist could add an educational post (e.g. how to improve gut health) to a nutrition group. Once again, you’re able to showcase your expertise to build trust with customers. You put yourself in front of potential customers, like a modern billboard.

    Posting In Groups 

    Facebook offers countless opportunities to join community and business groups (often locally based), enabling you to promote your products or services. Therefore, we recommend a search for groups within your service area, related to your products and services, plus other business networking groups. Before you post, it is essential to look at the Facebook group’s rules, as many groups have strict guidelines around posting or run the risk of being removed from the group. Typically community groups only allow businesses to post on certain days, and some do not allow business promotion at all, so make sure you read the group rules. Business groups usually have more relaxed rules around posting, however typically have a no spamming rule.

    Private Groups 

    Creating a private group for your customers allows you to deepen the relationship. For example, a gym may have a private Facebook group for customers. Managing a private group (acting as an admin) allows you to provide additional resources, answer questions and the opportunity for customers to interact with each other. The group provides customers with value and connection that deepens the relationship. The groups also provide the opportunity to promote additional products and/or events.

    At Bloom Digital, Facebook groups have been a key strategy for reaching potential customers, and we coach our clients to create effective and efficient Facebook Group posting strategies. We hope that our tips help you utilise Facebook groups to help grow your business. For more insights, check out our Marketing Tips and follow us on social media.


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