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    Embracing Simple Logo Design in 2023

    Embracing simple logo design in 2023

    Have you ever wondered why some of the most successful companies in the world have such simple logo designs? Think of Google, Starbucks, or Apple. Their logo designs are not flashy, complex, or overly colourful. They are minimalist, elegant, and memorable. But this is no coincidence! In the past decade, there has been a noticeable shift among big companies towards simplifying their logo design, with the trend reflecting the ever-changing landscape of branding and consumer behaviour. In this article, we explore why big businesses are embracing simple logo designs and why you should consider doing the same for your brand in 2023!

    User Experience Focus on Mobile

    One of the main drivers of logo simplification is the rise of mobile devices. In today’s fast-paced digital world, people are more likely to engage with brands through their smartphones than desktop computers or laptops. Therefore, logos must be designed to be easily recognisable even at small sizes, ensuring a seamless user experience across digital touchpoints. By adopting a simple business logo, your company can ensure your brand identity remains intact, regardless of the device your audience uses. For example, Google has progressively simplified its logo over the years, making it more mobile-friendly and memorable.


    Timeline of Google logo design evolution from 1997 to 2015



    Cross-Platform Adaptability

    Another reason business logos are simplifying is the need for cross-platform adaptability.  As social media leads the way in communication, brands must maintain a consistent image across various platforms, such as YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, emails, websites, and mobile apps. A simple logo design ensures it performs well in diverse formats, including video, still images, signage, packaging, and merchandise. This adaptability enables companies to reach their audience effectively across multiple channels. Take Starbucks for another example. In 2011, the coffee giant streamlined its iconic siren logo, improving its scalability for mobile apps and social media profiles.



    Timeless Appeal

    A third reason company logos opt for simplicity is the desire for timeless appeal. While 3D logos were trendy in the 1990s, they often failed to translate well into different formats, particularly in print media. Complex 3D designs can quickly become outdated and fail to stand the test of time. Embracing a simpler 2D logo not only ensures versatility but also solidifies the brand’s relevancy and timelessness. When it comes to Apple’s logo, it evolved from a complex and colourful design to a sleek, monochromatic apple, becoming synonymous with minimalism and high-end tech.

    Timeline of Apple logo design evolution from 1976 to 2017Logo Evolution with Company Growth

    A fourth reason logos are going simple is the alignment with company growth. As companies grow and evolve, so too do their business plans and target audiences. It’s only natural a brand’s identity, including its logo, matures alongside the company. A simple logo provides the flexibility to adapt to changing business objectives, allowing the brand to remain relevant and consistent as it progresses. For example, Mastercard simplified its logo in 2016, removing the wordmark and retaining only the two overlapping circles in red and yellow. This change reflected its expansion beyond card payments and its focus on digital innovation.


    Before and after Mastercard logo design simplification


    Brand Personality over Fashion Trends

    A fifth reason big business logos opt for a simple look is the prioritisation of brand personality over fashion trends. Fleeting design trends may entice brands to follow the latest fads in logo design. However, a logo should reflect the brand’s personality and values rather than a passing trend. Stripping away unnecessary elements and focusing on core brand attributes ensures the logo can withstand changing aesthetic preferences and stand the test of time. For example, Nike’s logo has remained practically unchanged since 1971, representing its simplicity, strength, and movement.


    Evolution of Nike logo design over the years


    Logo Design in Perth

    As leading logo designers in Perth, we see top organisations simplifying their logos to enhance mobile user experience, ensuring they keep up in the fast-paced digital space and align with their brand’s evolution and personality instead of following fashion trends. Whether you opt for a minimalist or intricate design, it’s essential to prioritise your brand’s identity and personality during the logo development process.

    Rethinking your branding or a new business logo? At Bloom Digital, we provide practical digital marketing services and expert logo design in Perth. Contact us today to ensure your company logo design effectively represents you for years to come!

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