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    Design Trends for 2023

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    With every new year, new design trends shape how we interact with products, services, entertainment and events. Every year seems to bring something fresh and innovative, and this year is no exception. Read on to discover what we predict will lead in the design trends for 2023.

    Custom Typography

    It seems like designers are returning to their roots, with custom fonts and hand-lettered logos coming back in a big way. Brands are looking to stand out from the crowd, and custom typography is the perfect way to present a unique, one-of-a-kind style to reflect their identities. Creating new fonts and customised letters is a retro call-back, adding a sense of nostalgia to all these wonderfully unique designs. Some designers we’ve noticed using this style include Nathan Holthus, Steve Wolf and Alen Pavlovic.

    custom typography "Bend" by Type08 (Alen Pavlovic), custom typography design trend for 2023

    Motion Design

    Brands are continuing to evolve their identities through movement, embracing the ways of storytelling with fluid and expressive effects. By adding dimension and movement to the static, audiences are welcomed into immersive experiences that are sure to capture their attention. As tools become more accessible to create motion design, we will continue to see it rise in use. 

    You can find some examples here: UI8 | Dribbble, //kneeon studios, Gregory Riaguzov.

    design trend for 2023. Nike Kids Camp by //kneeon studios, motion picture depicting cute animation bouncing head as basketball.

    Prominent Photography

    Gone are the days of cheesy, fake photographs used in designs. Realistic and personal photography evoke emotions, and designers use this to connect directly with their audiences. 

    Photography also allows for a seamless connection with new technology and other forms of designs, such as motion graphics, animations, and even virtual reality.

    Studio Badal Patel, Fig and By Pentagram show good use of photography in their designs, conveying their messages by emotionally connecting with their audience.

    design trend for 2023 showing photography branding. Fig by Herman Scheer

    Y2K Revival

    The 20 year rule seems to be holding up strong, as Y2K style is cycling back around this year in design. This style incorporates fluid 3D shapes, acidic graphics, and bubblegum bright colours. Think chrome effects, metallic colours, broken grids, collage cut-outs, and cybernetic futurism. Y2K also ties in strongly with the style brutalism, which has been a rising trend for design in recent years. Examples can be seen in designers such as mattcolewilson, Guillaume, and Arturo Robles.

    Black Cherry by Arturo Robles artwork, Y2K design trend for 2023


    Organic is where it’s at, as the rise of natural textures and patterns continue to arise this year. Natural shapes, earthy tones, illustration and custom typography are all noticeable elements of this style. It allows brands to present at a more grounded level to their audience, and with everyone more environmentally aware than ever, this is a trend we can expect to grow even further. We can see this style developing in Chelsea Bunn, Travis Stewart, and Michael Moodie.

    Branding mockup The Rose Matchboxes by Chelsea Bunn

    We’re not just stopping there with the new design trends for 2023. As designers continue to explore new (and older nostalgic) styles, we’re shaping up to have a fun, experimental year ahead. Some of the more notable creative trends we expect to see rise include: 

    • 3D Memphis Style

    Defined by bold colours and patterns, the Memphis style was pioneered back in the 1980s by Memphis Group. With a modern spin on it, designers are incorporating 3D elements into this colourful style as seen in projects such as Africola, P.H.I.T Pretty Hot Iconic & Thique, Gifts from Memphis.

    • Bright, bold colours

    With ‘Viva Magenta’ chosen as Pantone’s Colour of the Year for 2023, it’ll be no surprise to see daring colours fronting the design world this year. 

    • Serif Fonts

    San-serif ruled the design world for a long time, and we’ve watched many logos change over the years to reflect the domineering style. Now, with the rise of custom typography and nostalgic elements paving the way, we’re starting to see more serif fonts like Quatera Italic, and Cita Pro.

    • Block typography

    Geometric fonts like Bourton, Univers, ITC Avant Garde Gothic are demonstrating that they can go hand-in-hand with the rise of serif fonts.

    • Geometric Shape typography

    Bold, fun shapes are the way to go for 2023. Fonts like Roque, Cherish, and Slack are some examples of this unique style. 

    • Classic Fonts

    With vintage and naturalism on the rise again, fonts like Golden Nature and Bookman Old Font will be seen more this year. 

    2023 is shaping up to be an exciting year for design, with new modern elements meeting nostalgic styles. For Perth graphic design, logo design or branding inquiries for your business, get in touch with us today. 

    Post originally published March 2022, updated February 2023.

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