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    Design Trends for 2022

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    Each year, new design trends and typefaces infiltrate our lives, shaping the way we perceive products, services, and entertainment. Just when it seems like we’ve discovered them all, something new will come along and surprise us! Keep on reading as we take a peek into what design trends for 2022 are set to take to the stage, and shape the year to come.


    As the world advances from the shadows of COVID-19, designers have decided it’s all or nothing when it comes to digital and printed matter. Bold, bright, and busy seems to be the manifesto for design in 2022, as minimalism from the 2010s takes the backseat position – maximalism has called shotgun already! Maximalism’s punctuating packaging, cover art, and posters with an overabundance of illustrations and text may not be to everyone’s tastes. Regardless, it’s here and it’s turning heads. Some creators we’re loving who’ve hopped on board with this style include PIN-UP, MarsonEarth, and Hattie Stewart

    hattie stewart design trends 2022 bloom digital

    Parametric Design

    Think smooth, wavy lines that seamlessly twist and flow across the screen, and around objects, to create form. Parametric design is based on mathematical equations that track an object’s position over time. In design, this style is used to create subtle visual interest in the background of web pages and packaging, but in 2022 creators are bringing it to the forefront. This trend is becoming popular not only in graphic design, but also among furniture, fashion, and architectural spaces. If you’re seeking a sense of elegance and professionalism in your design, try incorporating a parametric element!
    Here are our favourites: Example and Example

    parametric design Levente Gyulai design trends for 2022

    90s Throwback

    Popularising itself on TikTok through fashion and styling, graphic designers have hopped on board and incorporated nods to the not-so-distant past in their work. Categorised through bold colours, extreme camera angles, and energetic supporting graphics, companies and creators like ByPoppy, BEHAVE and Olivia Rodrigo are pushing the movement along.
    The 90s saw a rise in digital technologies, and the beginning of social networking with platforms like MSN, and MySpace. With an influx of even more social networking sites these days like Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook, Gen Z is leaning into the early-internet age with their new take on design.

    by poppy 90s throwback design trends for 2022

    Rubber hose

    Originally seen in Disney cartoons from the 1920s and 30s, rubber hose illustrations experienced a resurgence in popularity in 2020 and 2021 alike. It looks like this trend is not set to slow down either, with multiple sources touting it as one of the top logo trends for 2022. Cheeky expressions, nimble limbs, and personification of otherwise inanimate objects – what’s not to love about this style of design?
    Some top examples can be found here, here, and here.

    ovchakra design trends 2022 bloom digital

    3D Elements

    On the flipside of nostalgia is 3D art. This style of design has been gaining traction in the last few years, and is set to rise even further in popularity. With applications like Blender, Maya, and Cinema 4D, as well as Adobe Illustrator’s late 2021 introduction of the 3D tool, creating art that pops off the screen has never been easier. Bringing depth and dimension to vector illustrations is hauling design into the new digital age, and providing a glimpse into the future. 3D design is also beginning to popularise the NFT space. This is a controversial topic of discussion among designers and artists alike, as the existence of traditional art hangs in a precarious state. Design feels like it’s on the precipice of what could be a fully digital world in the near future.
    This style can be seen in various type, abstract elements, and promotional advertising too. 

    Mako Tsereteli 3d element design trends for 2022



    A design trend article wouldn’t be complete without looking into the upcoming typography choices that designers, and artists, are leaning toward this year. 2022 looks to be more experimental than the past few years, as the world begins to tentatively wake up again. Typography trends are also going hand in hand with the rise of the various retro graphic styles that were explored above. Here’s what we’re predicting for 2022:

    • The arts and crafts resurgence with embellishments and flourishes seen in projects like Cordynate, these Bernini posters and Hello World branding.
    • Handwritten typography that is more authentic than what we’ve seen in the past, like Fierce Femme and Le Papillon. Instead, this conjures up the idea that there is an added personal touch to the branding, establishing a new level of trust between the product, and consumer. 
    • Animated typography like this conceptual book, Italian poster, and bubbly experiment. Static typography is out, movement and video is in.
    • Rounded typography like Gumzilla, Config, and Serave. Possibly in conjunction with authentic handwriting to allow a more playful attitude to shine through. 
    • Experimental typography like this siracha experiment, x+y logo, and Create Asus entry. Designers are more willing to push the boundaries when it comes to typography these days, throwing traditional stylistic and legibility rules out the window. Instead, jumbled and obscure typography that lends itself to the maximalism trend, is being popularised.
    • Vintage-inspired typefaces like Gazpacho, Beale, and Kafkey. Reworked traditional slab-serifs are definitely making comeback in 2022.
    • As well as actual vintage typefaces like ITC Garamond and Kabel Black. It will be intriguing to see whether they remain as popular as they have done in the likes of 2020 and 2021 when the world spent the years online.

    So there you have it, our predictions for what the world will see in the realm of art and design for 2022! It’s looking to be an exciting year in this space, as the world gets back on board with returning to work and life, after grappling with so much change in the past few years. For graphic design in Perth, logo design or branding inquiries for your business, get in touch with us today.


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