Our corporate social responsibility commitment

At Bloom Digital, we believe in not just looking after our clients, but helping the environment, people, and animals around us too. As a team, we’re focused on our corporate social responsibility both in our environmental efforts and within the local community.

Limiting the use of paper, recycling, using power-saving lights, and switching our computers off when not in use, are a few examples of our environment-saving efforts. Our in-house coffee machine helps us save approximately 1500 takeaway coffee cups a year! (But if we’re being totally honest with ourselves, it’s probably a lot more…!)

We also assist various organisations and not-for-profits through free workshops, SEO training, hiring interns, and networking events. Some of these groups include NRG Networking, Superior Business Networks, Swan Supporting Women Advisory Network, and the Boss Centre Midland.

Corporate Responsibility Partners:

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