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    Clubhouse App

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    Clients are the key to every business with networking unlocking opportunities to connect with customers. Making these valuable connections has become easier with the use of social media platforms including Facebook and LinkedIn. Now, there is a new popular trending platform called ‘Clubhouse’, a voice-based platform which allows users to join rooms to discuss a range of topics (e.g. social media). Though there is a unique thing about Clubhouse… Before you enter the room, you must gain entry into the app! Here’s what that means.

    Clubhouse Invite

    Like many physical clubhouses, the app requires participants to be invited to join ‘the club’. The policy has shocked many customers who, after downloading the app, could only reserve a username whilst joining the waiting list. Only when the user receives an invitation can they log into the app.

    Another interesting Clubhouse policy is the strict no recording policy. The policy takes us back to a time before the recording option, where eager TV viewers came running to watch their favourite program. The sense of urgency and a fear of missing out (FOMO) has sucked in users. 

    What is Clubhouse? 

    Once you have been granted access to the app, users can pop into rooms with the ability to chat with those around them, often in small groups. These groups are even rumoured to contain well-known personalities including Oprah Winfrey. Alternatively, a user can start a room with the option to create an open room that anyone can access, a social room for followers only, or an invite-only closed room. The app also allows users to follow groups and clubs, where they will receive a notification when a room is created. 

    So what does this mean for businesses? The app provides a range of potential opportunities for business including: 

    • The chance to network with industry experts and influencers. Businesses can learn about relevant topics that they can incorporate into their practices, all for free. 
    • The chance to show off your knowledge. Alternatively, you have the opportunity to present yourself as an expert to those who might require your expertise. 
    • Run networking groups and events. Since you can create private rooms, the app provides the opportunity to run a networking event within your own clients and community. 

    Despite being a reasonably new app, Clubhouse is valued at $1billion with $2 million users worldwide. It’s yet to be determined if the app will mature to become a major social platform, but it’s worth keeping an eye out. 

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