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Graphic Co logo, done by Bloom Digital, Perth branding agency

Say goodbye to boring shorts forever. Graphic Co is one of those projects that start with a few people with big ideas. A super collab between popular artists in the Australian underground scene. The designs for their shorts are unique, made by real artists. That’s the proposal of Graphic Co. and Bloom was invited to create its visual identity and launch their online store. After that… well, it is all success. Check this out.

How we helped






The problem

Another e-commerce among so many others that already exist out there. Will it be? Definitely, the ideas for the Graphic Co. project were out of the box.

A clothing manufacturer where all prints are produced by a third-party artist. Our biggest challenge at Bloom was to create a versatile visual identity that could give voice to these artists without in any way weakening the brand itself. Another challenge was to launch a very user-friendly, light, and fast e-commerce.

Another point was a system that was easy to update and low maintenance. After the two main projects were created and launched, the Bloom team was responsible for the business’s marketing and helping the creators leverage the project.

Our Solution

At Bloom, we embarked on an exciting journey to transform Graphic Co. into a standout brand in the competitive e-commerce landscape. Our solution was multifaceted, encompassing the creation of a fresh, dynamic logo, the development of a sleek and user-friendly website, and the implementation of robust SEO and marketing strategies. By focusing on the unique proposition of artist-designed prints, we ensured that every aspect of Graphic Co.’s digital presence was optimized to attract and engage its target audience, ultimately driving growth and success.

  • Developed a fresh, modern logo that captures the essence of creativity and collaboration of the company.
  • Intuitive website that offers a seamless shopping experience across all devices, enhancing user engagement and satisfaction.
  • Implemented comprehensive SEO tactics to improve search engine rankings, driving organic traffic and increasing brand visibility.
  • Targeted Marketing Campaigns to effectively engaging the target and driving growth.
Graphic Co logo, done by Bloom Digital, Perth branding agency

Logo Creation and Story

The new logo for Graphic Co. was crafted to encapsulate the essence of creativity and collaboration that defines the brand. Inspired by the vibrancy of the Australian underground scene, we designed a logo that is both modern and flexible, capable of evolving with the brand.

The logo’s clean lines and bold typography reflect the innovative spirit of Graphic Co., while the incorporation of artistic elements pays homage to the unique, artist-produced prints that set the brand apart.

This visual identity is designed to resonate with artists, skateboarders, graffiti enthusiasts, gamers, and comic lovers alike.

Brand Application

Applying the new brand identity across all touchpoints was a critical aspect of our strategy. We ensured that the visual identity was consistently represented on all promotional materials, packaging, and digital platforms. The challenge was to give voice to the artists’ unique styles without overshadowing the brand itself. By creating a cohesive visual language, we successfully balanced individual artistic expression with the overall brand message, reinforcing Graphic Co.’s position as a leader in artist-driven fashion.

The brand application for Graphic Co. seamlessly blends bold typography with a youthful, vibrant voice to engage its dynamic audience of artists, skateboarders, graffiti enthusiasts, gamers, and comic lovers. Utilising a striking color palette of orange, black, and white, the visual identity is both eye-catching and memorable. Orange reflects the brand’s creativity and energy, black adds sophistication and modernity, and white ensures a clean, uncluttered design.

This cohesive approach, applied across all communication channels, not only attracts and connects with the target audience but also fosters loyalty and encourages repeat engagement, setting Graphic Co. apart in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

Branded Collaterals

See the website in real time


Designed to be light, fast, and user-friendly, the website offers a seamless shopping experience across all devices. Key features include an intuitive navigation system, a modern mega menu highlighting the diverse range of products, and integrated SEO strategies to enhance search engine performance. The site is also easy to update and maintain, ensuring that Graphic Co. can continue to evolve and expand its offerings with minimal hassle. Integrated with HubSpot, the website is poised to convert visitors into loyal customers, driving ongoing growth and engagement.

  • Improve performance in search engines like Google;
  • Enhance the user experience;
  • Convert new visits into new clients.

Our Client’s Reaction

“Bloom Digital: they deliver the goods!

When starting my company Graphic Co, I met with several agencies to tackle my branding.

Bloom Digital was the first, and as it turned out, the best for me. Their expertise was pivotal in bringing my vision to reality.

I wasn’t looking for some ‘yes people’ who would just do whatever I asked. I wanted them to have a real input, be creative, and even tell me when my ideas were rubbish.

Bloom definitely delivered.

As a result, I got a motivated and powerful team to birth Graphic Co from bare bones, and created a sick website paired with the most unhinged, stupid-funny content to match.

I couldn’t recommend Sara and her team more.

And getting to play with the office dogs during meetings is just a bonus.”

Andy – Founder & Owner of Graphic Co

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