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Delonix Solutions, a leading global engineering consultancy headquartered in East Perth, Western Australia, is committed to delivering innovative and ground-breaking solutions to the resources sector. In 2023, Delonix Solutions was poised for a strategic brand overhaul and marketing revamp.

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The problem

Delonix Solutions has experienced rapid growth in recent years, originally centred around 3D scanning, but new projects have been added to its portfolio. With this rapid expansion came the need to adapt, leading to a visual rebranding of the company and a complete overhaul of the branding strategy behind the scenes to reinforce the company’s new direction.

The company aimed to maintain its reputation for innovation, while ensuring simplicity in design. This initiative aligned with Delonix Solutions’ commitment to meeting the evolving needs of its clients, and staying ahead, in a competitive industry landscape. Their key focus was to:

  • Strengthen market presence and competitive positioning.
  • Foster robust relationships with customers and stakeholders.
  • Expand market reach and establish leadership within the sector.

Additionally, with rapid growth, the company’s directors found a strong need to reinforce the organisational culture of the company and connect with the increasing number of new employees.

Our Solution

We crafted Delonix Solutions’ brand identity to reflect their innovative approach and commitment to excellence. We designed and developed a modern, user-friendly website for Delonix Solutions, effectively showcasing their expertise and project portfolio. Additionally, by integrating HubSpot, we streamlined their marketing efforts, nurtured leads, and fostered strong client relationships.

  • Generate a strong organisational culture
  • Expand brand awareness and recognition in the target market
  • Boost website traffic

Logo Creation and Story

The creative solution we found was to depict Delonix Solutions’ starting point with the concept of its primary service, 3D scanning, and then connect this concept with something present in the name, the initial “D”. The visual appeal is modern and extremely clear and concise, aligning seamlessly with Delonix Solutions’ updated visual identity and brand design.

Keep reading the story of Delonix Solutions’ visual identity modernisation, and how the new brand was applied and reflected across the company’s communication, both internally and externally.

Brand Application

The new colour palette reflects two important aspects: the technological bias and, at the same time, the commitment to human values ​​that the company makes a point of emphasising and living in its daily life. The typography used in the brand’s new identity is modern and extremely clear. The typeface families have different weights, which brings the possibility of an extremely versatile and secure visual communication, including in web applications where they can be confidently used on their new website.

After the creation of the new brand and a new branding strategy, all the company’s graphic, institutional, and promotional materials were gradually rebuilt. This concerted effort inspired us and gave us the confidence that we had put Delonix Solutions’ on the right track for its new journey. The new concept revitalised and brought life to both the visual and verbal communication, with a lighter, younger, and more modern approach, without losing the company’s core essence, thus consolidating its values visually and strategically.

Branded Collateral

See the website in real time

Website Design

The main objectives of the new Delonix Solutions website design project were primarily to:

  • Improve performance in search engines like Google;
  • Enhance the user experience;
  • Convert new visits into new clients

With the company’s growth, there was a need to highlight the different solutions in the company’s portfolio. In addition to featuring these services with calls to action on the homepage, an extremely modern mega menu was created to draw the user’s attention to this important part of the website’s content. The construction of the website also resulted in an increase in conversions for the company because the system is now integrated with HubSpot, a powerful tool in modern digital marketing. Users also feel comfortable navigating on any type of screen or connection speed. The new website was designed to adapt to different screen sizes, whether on mobile phones or different computers available in the market. Image and page optimisation is done through an automated system, ensuring fast page loading regardless of the user’s connection speed.

Our Client’s Reaction

“Working with Sara and her team at Bloom Digital is a refreshing experience. What really stands out is their listening skill and patience as they navigate our needs, always ensuring every detail is addressed. From designing our amazing logo to launching our impeccable website, their combination of creativity and professionalism make them a joy to collaborate with. A heartfelt thank you to Sara and her dedicated team.”

Sophie Aldini – Delonix Solutions Communication Advisor

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