Case Study Belleden Therapies

Belleden Therapies provides Bowen Therapy, McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release, Biochemic Therapy, plus a range of skin care, body care, hand sanitisers and Biochemic remedies.


Carmel approached us to transfer her previous Wix website across to a highly functional, beautifully designed new WordPress WooCommerce website. The challenge was to highlight each therapy for SEO, as well as the Belleden Therapies product range. We began by restructuring the website layout, highlighting Carmel’s Bowen Therapy, McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release (MSTR), and Biochemic Therapy services, and incorporated Belleden Therapies products into the Shop, with filters, so that customers can easily search for her and sanitisers, Biochemic Remedies, and hand made skin care and body care. We then structured each therapy page for search engine optimisation, rewriting the previous content for SEO. We also incorporated a booking system, so that therapy clients can easily book a time and pay for their therapy session online. We also created best practice shopping cart and checkout facilities, making it easy for prospective therapy and product purchasers to engage her services. We are super happy with the end result of this easy to use website and we are so happy Carmel loves her new website!

How We Helped





Our Client’s Reaction

“What can I say but “Wow”. Thanks Sara and the team at Bloom Digital for the amazing job you did on my new website. Absolutely love it.”

Carmel Bell – Owner and Bowen Therapist


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