Case Study AAA Garden Services

AAA Garden Services is a family-owned and operated gardening maintenance business in Perth. Husband and wife owners, Manisha and Kavi, engaged us in May 2021 to help them with SEO, Facebook ads, and Google ads to attract new clients and grow their gardening business in Perth. 

With particular interest in enriching their local SEO for Perth gardening business, from there, AAA Garden Services’ results were well and truly in full bloom. Our team even secured a victory at the APAC Search Awards 2024 for Best Integrated Campaign!

We combined the power of SEO, Google Ads, and social media marketing to create a cohesive experience for AAA Garden Services’ audience. Despite a tight budget and off-season challenges, we planted seeds for success and have enjoyed watching AAA Garden Services rake in the rewards – and, in our case, awards!



Goal Conversions Increased


Overall Website Traffic Increased


Brand awareness increased


Winter 2023 vs Winter 2022
Source: Google Analytics and Google Search Console 2023

AAA Garden Services SEO results

The problem

When it comes to competition, Perth’s gardening industry is a cut above the rest. AAA Garden Services needed to boost its digital marketing efforts to compete with big-name local contenders through the following key objectives:

  • Increase the volume of bookings 
  • Expand brand awareness and recognition
  • Boost website traffic

Joining us in May, AAA Garden Services was moving into the winter season – typically a quiet period for their business. This presented a thrilling challenge for our team, as we had the opportunity to create and implement a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to help them overcome the seasonal slump and reach their business goals.

Our solution

We developed and executed a robust three-leaf strategy focused on growth across various channels, including SEO, SEM, and Meta. Our efforts resulted in remarkable success, delivering unprecedented results across all platforms and significantly boosting website traffic and leads.

Our Method

Our team knew exactly what it took to improve our client’s website visibility, and we were determined to make it happen. We conducted extensive research on their industry and competitors to develop an effective content plan to help them stand out from the crowd. By creating web pages specifically targeted to relevant keywords and providing valuable information to users, we knew we were on the right track. 

We also took full advantage of social media and search engine marketing to increase their overall exposure in search engine results pages. Our Google Search Ads and website content worked seamlessly to attract potential customers seeking garden maintenance services. 

We used Facebook and Instagram ads to capture the target market, ensuring their business stayed top of mind when the need arose. And, to take things to the next level, we implemented advanced tools such as Meta and Google Display Ads to retarget users who had previously shown interest in their website or social media profiles.

The Results

Over the last two years, AAA Garden Services positively bloomed – tripling its team of gardeners, hiring additional admin staff, and adding three new vans to its ever-growing gardening fleet! This success has been life-changing for the small, family-owned business, giving Manisha and Kavi the financial freedom they have worked hard to achieve.

If you’re looking to grow your gardening business in Perth and attract more local clients with the help of our gardening SEO and digital marketing expertise, contact us today.

Our Client’s Reaction

“Bloom Digital have been an absolute godsend to our business.

We have grown from a small family business of 6 employees to 16, with 3 of them full time clerical staff – in the office the phone won’t stop ringing all year round and keep in mind as a gardening company we are a very seasonal business, this, by the way is the very opposite of a complaint!!!

As far as SEO is concerned, organically as per our prompt monthly reports we are ranking number 1 in all of Perth, not just marginally – our over all visibility on google organically is smashing our largest competitor.

Again, we at AAA Garden Services are eternally grateful for Sara and her amazing team of trained and friendly professionals!”

Kavi and Manisha Cooper – Owners AAA Garden Services

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