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    A Marketers Guide to Canva (Part Three)

    A Marketers Guide To Canva Part Three

    Canva Tips

    Canva is the gift that keeps on giving! There are so many Canva features to discover, and we’ve outlined another five handy Canva features in A Marketers Guide to Canva (Part Three).

    1.‘Locking’ Images

    When using Canva, have you ever tried moving the text, but instead moved the writing? Or have you been unable to move the text at all? The padlock feature ‘locks’ elements into place. To lock or unlock an element simply: 

    • Select the element. 
    • Head to the padlock icon on the top right. ?
    • Lock the element in place to prevent it from moving. 
    • Unlock the element to move it. 

    Tip: This feature is useful when layering to lock the elements that create the background. This makes it easier to add text or images on top. 

    2. Image Colours 

    When you add an image to a design, Canva scans the image and lists the Hex code colours from the images you use in the left hand side colour palette menu. The image colours become available when you change the colour of other elements, such as text. Your designs looks more pleasing to the eye when consistent colours are used. Another benefit is that you can select colours from an image that you like. 

    Tip: Be sure that the colours are consistent with your branding

    3. Audio & Video 

    Do you want to take your designs (e.g. Instagram stories) to the next level? Canva offers a range of free audios and videos that you can add to your design. The libraries are accessible via the audio and video tabs. Some different ways to add audio and video to your designs include: 

    • Youtube intro designs. 
    • Social media stories (e.g. Instagram stories).
    • Presentation slides. 
    • Invitations. 

    Tip: Be sure to download the design as a video file format and name it for easy recall and searchability.

    4. Transparent Backgrounds (Pro Feature) 

    A transparent background makes the background of the image see-through, allowing you to layer images. You can download designs with a transparent background by: 

    • Pressing the download button. ⬇️
    • Selecting the PNG file type.
    • Selecting the transparent background option.

    Tip: use transparent background images on your website for a clean, no corners appearance.

    5. Keywords

    Often users search for specific images. It can be challenging to find the right keywords to search for specific content. Often you will find an image that is close to what you’re looking for but not quite right. You can search for similar images and elements using keywords. You can find the keywords by: 

    • Finding a relevant image. 
    • Selecting the learn more icon (the three buttons on the top right). 
    • A list of words used to find that image will appear. 

    Discover more tips in the prequels, A Marketers Guide To Canva (Part One) and A Marketers Guide To Canva (Part Two)

    So, we hope you’ve learnt more about how to use Canva and are upping your Canva game! For more handy marketing tips and tricks, be sure to follow us across social media!

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